Copyrightę 2001-16 Trish Hrafnaharr

I am a meticulous, team-focused 3D Artist, who brings innovation, a passionate drive for continued improvement and dedication to excellence.

I began with 3D on my own in 2000, with Milkshape and worked on maps and character meshes for game communities and it was this work that led the organizers of a community mod compilation project, for Activision's Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption to invite me to join in on an ambitious release, in which I created several fully textured props, maps and meshes. I have since gone on to improve and grow with the industry while taking on multiple life-challenges.

I'm aware of modern production workflow and best practices in regards to asset creation and development and have a keen eye for design and detail with regard to real-world realism. I love collaboration, appreciate constructive criticism and am skilled at communicating with teammates and directors. I have lived all over the world and draw heavily on my experience to create detailed projects.

I'm heavily motivated to work in the industry, strongly passionate and am available to relocate.

Trish Hrafnaharr

I am skilled with the following sftware packages:

3ds Max
Marmoset Toolbag
Quixel Suite
Unreal Engine 4