Copyrightę 2001-16 Trish Hrafnaharr

A Broad Range

I've worked in sculpture, film, paints, fabrics, metal-forging, SFX prosthetic makeups, 3D Rendering, casting and digital art. Having grown up playing tabletop RPGs, sn the late 90's I was introduced to online multiplayer roleplaying-games and I worked in a community of very talented  artists and designers, creating new models and maps, as well as contributing to full mod rebuilds, some whom went on to work for companies such as Cryptic Studios and Blizzard Entertainment.

In 2008 I created Redlamp Arts, an umbrella for collective artwork and successfully created two Kickstarter projects for film-quality props for the LARP and costuming community. Redlamp Arts has recently begun a project to streamline tabletop and LARP character sheet creation and management electronically on iOS portable devices.

Passionate Loyalty

Art without passion is artiface. I feel that art is the result of shared imagining. It must evoke feelings and a narative. Images, are the begining of something that builds a story in the mind of the observer; cinematic and contextual. I draw from my life, from other artists and writers and my broad experience with living in unique locations and travel. I pour passion into every piece and job I choose to take on. My perspective often takes on a darker angle with the work which has become synonymous with my work.

Burn Brightly

I'm always looking to rise higher and seek out new experiences. I have traveled extensively and it's given me a broad vision. My goal is to make a mark on the world and contribute a part of myself to something that will be seen widely, to be part of a team effort, to birth grand works and without a doubt.

It's going to be amazing,

-Trish Rachel Hrafnaharr